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Board of Directors & Committee Members

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Owner Info: Community Amenities

2022 Board of Directors
President:           Corinne Templin
Vice President:     Amy Friedrich
Treasurer:            Linda Kelt
Secretary:            Carol Quatrone
Director at Large:  Marge Ragozzino 


Polynesian Gardens Committees

Finance Committee
 - Oversees the association’s financial affairs, including budget formulation and execution.  

Board Liaison:  Linda Kelt

Paul Erbach

Color Committee - Consults on the color scheme of Polynesian Gardens and makes recommendations to the Board on what the approved villa paint colors should be.  The color committee also helps to select furniture and décor for the community as needed.

Board Liaison:  Linda Kelt

Kathy Richardson

Willa Lewis

Judy Collins

Mike Jule


Rules Committee - Will be called upon if a new rule is being considered in the community.  The committee may also evaluate the current rules and make recommendations to the Board. 

Board Liaison:  Corinne Templin

Jeannette Watling Mills

Kathleen Haberstick

Randy Scott


Compliance Committee - Works to ensure rules and regulations are followed.

Bruce Mathias

Howard Duvall

Lourdes Martinez


Flood Insurance Committee - Formed to help the Board obtain more information and quotes for a community flood policy.

Board Liaison:  Corinne Templin

John Ragozzino

Kyle Kelt

Nicole Levine

Pier Replacement Committee - Research and provide cost estimates for replacement.

Board Liaison: Marge Ragozzino

John Ragozzino

Rick Benson

Jim Richardson


Landscaping & Christmas Lights - Works to suggest landscaping improvements to the Board.  Responsibilities may also include obtaining and evaluating proposals.  

Board Liaison:  Amy Friedrich

Lourdes Martinez

Norman Cudek

Marge Ragozzino

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